Kyoto day 1

 Here for two nights!

View from room:


 Man, it’s tough doing all this from an iPhone.  Annoying keyboard!

Still super tired from Eternal Day of Travel After No Sleep followed by Night of Tiny Sleep In New Place.   Quickly uploaded a sampling of photos from bed  *from the 622* photos I took on my iPhone, jeez —  dropping my iPhone on my face (iPhace) only once.   Writing this now middle of the (my) night during my handy insomnibreak!

So, day 1:  we walked around!  We were together through late lunch.  

Headed down Street With Japanese Name…    Cloudy/Rainy!   Me: “atmospheric!”    Paul “dreary..  but still pretty”.

Walked to nearby Shrine With Name I Forget (sorry, this will not be an educational blog!). 





 This dragon is … guarding?     Providing?  Coming out of?  Supervising? The water for cleansing ones’ hands.   The water has a sign … In English only!… “Not drinking water”.      Stupid Americans!

Here’s Paul looking at me with great adoration.  




Shrine shop (shrop)

Walking now to an arboretum/park thing.

  Lots of photos of Interesting colors/lines/building materials. 


Park Thingy/arboretum:

This is a wall:

Even in winter, everything was so gorgeous

A little bridge


This fish is trying to get me
Now he’s sad

More neighborhood 



I think these stamps are the Japanese equivalent of “name license plates” in the US. 


Pachinko parlor!



4 thoughts on “Kyoto day 1

  1. Judy – Julia here.
    1. I think I’ve been to the temple with the dragon water spout. I have a photo of it somewhere. I’ll try to dig it up to compare.
    2. If you like ginger, you MUST buy some of the ginger crackers in Kyoto. They are a specialty in that area and are absolutely delicious. They are called Shouga Sembei.

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