A brief post about Stuff

I don’t know what this is, or why it has white squares.  What IS clear, is that it is to be grasped in the hand to be used.  Helpful!

We don’t have enough ‘block foods’ in the US IMO

This tooth care product *has* teeth:

This was an amazing painting by a child, as part of a street display


The ubiquitous vending machines serve both hot and cold drinks.

I tried the heated “rich chocolate with toasted sugar” and heartily approved.  I did not try the Can of Fire.    Hot Corn Cheese Drink:

Paul did try that, and his breath was not for the faint of heart.

The Japanese arcade experience is no different than ours:

Gambling for candy

These things

The traditional “Pringles Claw Machine”:

And of course handcuff and fake sushi claw  machines :

Taiko for points: 
Baby photos here are also exactly the same as ours:

A sign I also enjoyed was this one, in an elevator:

Again, I suspect it’s warning about Plutonium, but can’t be positive.

One thought on “A brief post about Stuff

  1. I wonder if you would consider staying in Japan for like 6 more months just to keep this blog going. Each day is better that the last, except that’s not really possible because they’re all great.

    The only bad thing is that every time I come check things out here I get that 80’s song “Big in Japan” stuck in my head.

    At first glance I thought that candy jackpot item was called “Painfull” and I really did think “oh isn’t that just typical, they have painful candy in Japan” (see exhibit A, can of “fire” and exhibit b “corn cheese beverage” in support of this theory)

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