Yakage, or.. in English..”The town Lauren Lives in”. 

Lauren’s adorable little town will be a home base for three days. We love her town, and we love our inn — although we keep Doing Japan Wrong. 

When we’re not annoying locals with improper slipper protocol —    we’re causing them great amusement with our pathetic japanese/hand signal combos and general bumbling Americanesque–  although neither of us have stooped to the depths of Paul on his prior trip where he shampooed his hair with toothpaste at the local bath, much to the glee/horror of the gentleman who informed him. 

Here are some photos from around Yakage.   


This sign says “to Lauren’s House” (probably). 



The train station





 Most of the rooves (yes, rooves) look like this:
 The bar in our hotel “lobby”

What the heck!  Happy logo on this building – who wouldn’t want to work here!     


Bike rooves!  (Yes, rooves).  


This is the breakfast room at our Inn, where we have butchered many a custom:



these are photos of the area around Yakage

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