Friday!  Leaving Yakage, quick Kurashiki stop, then North to Matsue!

Sad to leave Yakage and our inn.  Today we check out and take a series of trains North to the other coast and Matsue.

Stop in Kurashiki to wait for our Express train.    The station has some beautiful areas (plus an Old Navy!):


Update from Lauren:  this part of the station used to be a Hans Christian Anderson theme park!

I don’t understand these body parts:

The public bathrooms sometimes provide these practical, yet somehow off-putting ‘baby holders’.


Kurashiki day

Our first day trip from Yakage was to nearby Kurashiki.  While Lauren was at work, we headed out. 

Lauren told us if we leave at the right time, we will catch the ‘children’s art’ train

Kurashiki is a pretty big city, with a beautiful historical section.  We walked from the train station– down the long long shopping street – to the start of the historical section.  Since we spent most of our time looking at shops on the shopping street, we didn’t get very far into the old part before we had to turn back to catch the train to meet up with Lauren after work. 

Some shops and things in shops we saw:


Paul made me eat pizza for lunch, at a place Lauren and he ate before.  Pizza!   It was, weirdly, one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.  .