Helpful signs and labels

So it’s cheap and overdone to make fun of bad translations.  We saw plenty, but I only really captured those I found kind of endearing.  Usually these seemed to be trying to take care of people.  The other ones I liked were those that seemed contradictory, or completely baffling.

This first set wasn’t even a  translation issue – so much as a complexity issue combined with lack of translation:

I get step 4(barely):  a cup will appear somewhere, possibly with stuff in it.

There are far too many knobs and settings here.  The arrows do not remotely help.

However!  Had I known what to do–   I would have definitely had a Blendy.

Failing that, perhaps the always-appealing Hot Banana Drink?

What about the Coolish?  Food or elf hat?

Oh wait…  It clearly states it’s a Vanilla Ice Drink Type.

There’s nothing that funny about a Hershey’s choco monaka

Except I’ll never get the name out of my head now.   It’s my new meditation mantra.

We came across this in Kyoto. I’m at a loss for how this name was arrived at:  

Do we similarly invent names in other languages here that make no sense?  I wonder what is our equivalent of the Soft France Sand Hot Dog.

The following just seem so sincere and endearing to me

The next one doesn’t need words to baffle me.  What is going in here?? Are these demons?  Apparitions?  Why are his limbs so distended and wavery, why does she have horns, and what is their relationship to each other ?  Why do they need a sign?

Maybe we even have the next item in US 7-11s, I don’t know.

I think I was struck by  the contrast of Tory’s Highball In A Can surrounded by the Familymart Collection on all sides.   Plus, I associate highballs with Mad Men, or Darren’s boss in Bewitched — not 7-11.

Last, interesting name for bottled water!

I know it immediately killed my thirst without even buying it.   Special shout out to Cathy and Eric on this one–  the sweatest couple I know.

2 thoughts on “ Helpful signs and labels

  1. THANK GOD THERE’S MORE, I’ve been in withdrawal for the last few days. I haven’t read everything here YET but the “Soft France Sand” – because it’s so plainly an abbreviation for “sandwich” – put me in mind of this classic “assiette” menu from Canada:

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